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About us

UB QuickTrans, Ltd. is a company established in March, 2009. The center of international truck transport and forwarding originated at the time when more and more vehicles had to be exploited at their return trips and the volume of our clients´ traffic requirements grew so much that it was necessary to use external carriers.

Currently an experienced team of transport supervisors creates an optimal chain during the transport of goods not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Western Europe. In the field of international shipments, our company specializes in the area of Western Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic.

We have developed a detailed system of freight insurance for the international road transport, which guarantees compensation for any damage incurred during the transport, up to 10 million CZK. This coverage extends to our external carriers as well.

The team of UB Quick Trans, Ltd. consists of professional staff, carrying out the freight-forwarding, international truck traffic logistic activities and consultant service.

We are able to process your inquiry within 24 hours,
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